The Agri-food Challenges

The FoodSTEM planned to organise 3 innovation challenges in the agri-food sector for students and young entrepreneurs. The winners of the challenges will earn some prizes and be pre-incubated in one of the partner universities in Cambodia to develop their idea.

They will be mentored and be able to access the laboratory developed during the project, which is supported by the Work Package 4.

Implementation Plan

1st Agrifood Innovation Challenge organized by Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) under the platform of “Techno Innovation Challenge”.

2nd Agrifood Innovation Challenge will be organized by Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), at the 2nd years of the project

3rd Agrifood Innovation Challenge will be organized by National University of Battambang (NUBB), at the 3rd year of the project

The Agrifood Innovation Challenges: