Capacity building A consortium of 3 European and
4 Cambodian universities
to support the development of agri-food transformation in Cambodia
to the best international standards by
providing a qualified
and innovative workforce.
and Curriculum
and Curriculum
Implementing e-learning classrooms in 4 Cambodian HEI,
developing e-learning courses and opening
a new curriculum in entrepreneurship
in the agrifood industry.
COOPERATION Strengthening cooperation between Cambodian, European HEI and private sector.

Welcome to FoodSTEM Website, an EU co-funded project by Erasmus + Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Program designed to build partnership between Cambodian and European universities. 

With the support of 3 European HEIs, FoodSTEM project aims at building the capacity of 4 major public universities in Cambodia in order to create a new generation of food chain entrepreneurs, with a strong emphasis on safety, quality and sustainability.

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