2.3 E-learning

Course #8 : Food legislation

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of: Food legislation in Cambodia, the European Union (EU) and worldwide. Information and understanding about food legislation in Cambodia. Be aware of different requirements to food safety and quality for trade and export Identify important points to prepare the […]

  • Food STEM
  • 15/07/2021

Course #7 : Food safety

The course aims to provide the methodological tools and knowledge necessary for food quality and Food safety insurance management in the food industry. A practical situation allows the mobilization of the knowledge acquired through the development of food safety system in companies. Online courses: Students acquire knowledge in different types of food hazards, food quality […]

  • Food STEM
  • 14/07/2021

Course #6 : Food industrial concept design

The course aims to provide concepts and fundamentals with tools in order to create the food production line and premise of a product in the agro-food industry.   Online courses: Students acquire knowledge including steps to design a food plant, fundamental principles in the design of agri-food industrial establishment with hygienic and food grade concepts in […]

  • Food STEM
  • 13/07/2021

Course #5. Food storage and stabilization


  • Food STEM
  • 12/07/2021

Course #4 : Agri-food Supply Chain

An entrepreneur generally does not act alone. In particular, he has to face important problems:  Is the agri-food system in which my company operates sustainable?

  • ITC
  • 11/07/2021

Course #3 : Food market

The objective of the course « Food Market » is to provide students with the key methodology for market study and market analysis with a strong focus on Cambodian and South-East Asian market. 

  • ITC
  • 10/07/2021

Course #2: Food Product Development

Development Process Pedagogical Objective Food product development is a very important topic for the agro-food sector entrepreneurs to grow and standout with their own signature. Developing new food formulations is a challenge that requires a creative and innovative approach, in order to diversify the food products available in the market and make them up to […]

  • ITC
  • 09/07/2021

Course #1 : Entrepreneurship in the Agri-Food Sector

Development Process Pedagogical Objective This entrepreneurship course aims to develop Cambodian students awareness of the entrepreneurial approach, to develop a good technical knowledge and proficiency with tools such as CANVAS method. The aim is also to develop an entrepreneurial approach that will allow them to be mindful of the needs of the population. All the […]

  • ITC
  • 08/07/2021