Course #3 : Food market

Development Process

Pedagogical Objective

The objective of the course « Food Market » is to provide students with the key methodology for market study and market analysis with a strong focus on Cambodian and South-East Asian market. This Food market course aims to give Cambodian students key informations and knowledge on the food market in their country and in the regional context and, to give them a good technical knowledge and proficiency with tools for market analysis. All the modules will give the students the practical knowledge to be able to launch a product and analyse the market in a local context.

Course Content


Sequence 1 : Food position and role in the local culture/sociological aspects

Sequence 2 : Overall approach for launching a product/define our aims & constrains

Sequence 3 : Overall approach for launching a product/main steps

Sequence 4 : Demand survey : target, contents, information & indicators

Sequence 5 : Study techniques : qualitative tools / observation (on & off line)

Sequence 6 : Study techniques : qualitative tools / experimentation (on & off line)

Sequence 7 : Study technique: qualitative tools/focus group (on & off line)

Sequence 8 : Study technique: qualitative tools/indept interview (on & off line) & off line)

Sequence 9 : Study techniques: quantitative tools/sample

Sequence 10 : Study techniques : quantitative tools / surveys (on & off line)

Sequence 11 : Benchmark : contents, steps

Sequence 12 : Food Market: Stay on, stand by and keep innovative

The Courses