Course #8 : Food legislation

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of:

Food legislation in Cambodia, the European Union (EU) and worldwide.

  • Information and understanding about food legislation in Cambodia.
  • Be aware of different requirements to food safety and quality for trade and export
  • Identify important points to prepare the food safety and quality compliances for trade

Module 1. Food legislation overviewand export

  • Sequence 1.1. Importance of food legislation
  • Sequence 1.2. A glance at different legal framework in food legislation

Module 2. Cambodian Food Legislation

  • Sequence 2.1. Overview of legislation processing with Cambodia government
  • Sequence 2.2. Steps of legislation, requirement documentation and factory inspection

Module 3. Food compliance and management for trade/export

  • Sequence 3.1. Overview of food compliance and management
  • Sequence 3.2. Compliances to food safety and quality for partner companies
  • Sequence 3.3. Compliances to food safety and quality for exporting

Module 4. Food safety and link to food legislation

  • Sequence 4.1. Case of veterinary drugs
  • Sequence 4.2. Case of food additives
  • Sequence 4.3. Case of chemical contaninants
  • Sequence 4.4. Case of microbial contaminants
  • Sequence 4.5. Novel foods, labelling, nutrition and health claims
  • Sequence 4.6. Labelling of alcohol for Japanese market

Module 5. Food Fraud

  • Sequence 5.1. Definition of food fraud and some examples
  • Sequence 5.2 Type of food frauds and some examples in Cambodia, EU and worldwide.
  • Sequence 5.3 Impact of food fraud
  • Sequence 5.4 Food prevention programs and related laws

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